Moments of Light

Giovanni Casadei, Ocean City Morning Activity, Oil on Panel,
8.5 x 13.5 inches

Giovanni Casadei
Moments of Light

April 5 - 28, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, April 7, 5 - 7 pm

My approach to painting is to communicate to the viewer my love for life and human beings through the expression of my feelings, emotions and passions that are inspired by the visual world around me. - Giovanni Casadei


In Giovanni Casadei's exhibit, Moments of Light, the artist appears to be painting with light itself. His observations and depictions of the traces of light on arrangements of flowers, fruits, and objects, as well as captured moments at the shore, invite the viewer to look with renewed affection at the world around them.


Casadei's seascapes, or "marines" as he calls them, are small windows into vast spaces. The artist says, "What I really like is the opportunity to express big distance." The ocean provides the artist with the perfect subject for this exploration. Casadei continues, "You have the horizon, and it goes on forever. Growing up in Rome, and living in Philadelphia there are certainly opportunities as an artist, but nothing can compare to the vastness, the peacefulness of the sky and the ocean, at the beach." On days spent painting the shoreline, Casadei begins early so he may observe the full emergence of the sun until the final retreat of the day's light. These paintings reveal Casadei's competing fascinations: chasing the shifting sunlight and reflecting on the enormity of the ocean.


During the shortened winter days, Casadei returns to his studio where still-life and floral arrangements capture his attention.  Again, light and space are his primary considerations which display a quite different light and space than his marines. He arranges subjects that sing when their surfaces are activated by the play of light across their surfaces and allow for unexpected moments of intimate beauty to be observed.


Giovanni Casadei began his study in Italy at the Scuola Libera del Nudo (Free School for Drawing) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. After moving to Philadelphia, he received a Certificate in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 1992. His works have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions all across the country. He currently teaches painting at the Fleischer Art Memorial. Casadei is the recipient of many awards for his work, including the Berthe M. Goldberg Award from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. This is his fifth exhibit with Gross McCleaf Gallery.