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Ying Li - Sojourn

  • Gross McCleaf Gallery 127 South 16th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19102 United States (map)

November 1 - 25, 2017

Opening Reception:  

Friday, November 3, 5-7 pm.


The simple vulnerability in being a painter is that one's concerns, convictions, and cares are laid bare on the canvas for all to see. Ying Li's paintings thrive in this vulnerability. Willing to attempt the unknown, Li discovers the underlying beauty of a place by painting it. Each time she begins, Li starts with an initial intention or observation, but she is always willing to set that aside in order to pursue the possibility of painting a deeper understanding of the world in front of her.


Both in paint and in life, Ying Li has fluidity and strength; sensitivity and boldness. She is a rare artist who approaches painting with openness, curiosity, and immense talent. Whenever she paints, she approaches wherever she is with the mind of a beginner and finds hidden facets and discovers new fascinations even in familiar places. A close observer, Li notices the changes in the world as they happen right before her eyes and those patient discoveries inspire and inform her works. The exchange that happens with Ying Li, the subject of her attention, and the paintings she makes takes place over days, weeks, or even years as each painting progresses according to its own pace.  It is through this process of painting that she arrives at works which revel in forms which cannot be predicted and can only be found.


Gross McCleaf is pleased to present Sojourn, a collection of incredible paintings by the artist Ying Li. These works were painted in an array of places, near and far, each one with its own individual light, weather, terrain, rhythm, and mood. Li's sensitivity to the unique qualities of each of these places is readily apparent. Her paintings benefit from the richness of her sensitive vision and we benefit from seeing that richness preserved in paint. We benefit because rarely in painting has an artist been able to balance the self and the subject as beautifully as Ying Li. 

Earlier Event: November 3
Opening: Friday Art Show