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Gentle Sheers presents MISSDICK VIBROCIS, Vitche Boul-Ra, Stroker, Yureka Cash

  • Vox Populi 319 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States (map)

Forced Into Femininity (Chicago) – “the experimental solo project of former Coughs saxophonist Jill Flanagan. She says that on her new EP, I’m Making Progress, that she’s shifted away from “allegory and extended metaphor, instead addressing political concerns from the opposite perspective of punk—especially our own real positions as gatekeepers maintaining racism, classism, and sexism.” – Chicago Reader

Lorene Bouboushian
My work is an exploration into creating portals and tears between experience and expression that are usually relegated to separate spheres. It exists at the intersection of dance and performance art, and unabashedly wrangles with problems of representation and embodiment in both fields. Movement and voice improvisation, a range of performed actions, and audience interaction, my work pushes my physical extremes in an attempt to place the everyday in contact with the divine, absurd, and ecstatic. In this way, I contend with the warped, uneven, and often appropriated sense of individualism the world affords me. Improvisation and humor are absolutely necessary to me as means of engaging directly with the assumed cultural context at a given performance, then purposefully agitating the comfort zones at play. They are the catalysts for my work to become relational: a living, breathing result of my relationships with collaborators and audience, rather than a set of aesthetic markers.

Currently, my work tends toward constructed situations that investigate social pathologies, myths, and zones at work at “the show.” I aim to poke at and shift the audience’s belief in why they are even present. To this end, I disorient and activate my audiences and myself through disturbance and explosion, despair and boredom. This has resulted in performers driving away from the venue, creating messes for no reason, or staring at the audience in bleak confusion for extended periods. In my recent collaborative work, You Are the Bus, we created elaborate organizations of errands for chosen audience members to complete (delivering pizza to the venue, picking up laundry) or gifts they received at establishments outside the venue (drinks at bars, food at restaurants, new friends at bodegas, hangouts at apartments). Between collaborative performers and director, there is mutual trust in a certain set of implied boundaries, but the cracks are where the light shines through. I want to get to the core of the kind of rebellion that can reveal a fuller spectrum of being human: inexplicable, inimitable, highly sensory acts. Preach in a grocery cart while brushing your teeth with a lollipop. Because you have to.

Vitche-Boul Ra
“What is and what hasn’t been will always be fore I have seen the sky slide into the fiery locust of bee spit. I have sunken the clouds. I have revoked the hills and the trees to stroke the Cock-Child, Dust. Cock-Child Dust breathes asbestos in heaves and crinkles satin into overturned bone. My Sun snakes through ape tongue and rewards the body with cum. Cum here into the something of nothing that has always been and always bee. Chew on the nectar tar, drained from the pit. Linger in the arms of The God. Here I have sewn the ripe web ofof of. Sacked blossoms reap the flourishing off the tides death. Golden coins melt tongues with vicious seament in the guise of cotton as blood finds light. This is the Hour be Blacked. This is thhe hour when the crusted mud reaches the bell. The hour when bod-lusts have their day. This is the Hour be Blacked. The hour when the crusted mud reaches the bell. The hour when The Blud has its day. Watakk they call this. ”
“New breed of Americanoise by way of Philadelphia. Rachel Slurr (of Heaven’s Gate) gives us that low end crunch destruction and machine gun chug, that distort rumble devotees know and love so well. Full of constantly changing blown out textures that slither over a fucked out bed of distortion. Nasty tones for nasty people. – rodger stella”

Yureka Cash

New release on NO RENT RECORDS: “
“No Rent Records – NRR43 – 2017 – USA
“Yureka Cash’s debut release is a glib and pedantic fagathon that falls short of the pretentious 1980’s ‘bedroom’ genre it so longs to be. For fans of German Shepherds and Club Moral.”
Gentle Sheers is a wandering series curated by visual/sound artist and Vox Populi Member, Jim Strong. It aims to promote a culture of curiosity and pleasure across the arts and non-arts – weaving “incongruous” media and aesthetics. Past events have included Poetry Readings, Magic Shows, Feasts, Screenings, Performance Art, Dance, Early Music, Noise, Improvisation, Pop music and Plays.

Later Event: April 19
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