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Opening: Megan Biddle - Folded Mountain

  • Tiger Strikes Asteroid 319 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States (map)

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is pleased to present Folded Mountain, a solo exhibition of new sculptures and drawings by TSA PHL member and Assistant Co-Director Megan Biddle. This is her first solo show with the gallery.

The work in Folded Mountain is inspired by its geologic namesake: fold mountains, the mountain ranges formed when two tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust are pushed together at their border. When plates collide, the accumulated layers of rock crumple and bend like folds in a blanket. Using paper-folding techniques to generate forms, Biddle explores notions of time through materials and process: the spontaneity of glass as it goes from molten liquid to a crystalline solid and the compressive strength of concrete as sediments solidify and cure over time. Her mixed media sculptures combine the weightlessness of paper and the density of concrete into objects that could be relics of a geologic event. Meanwhile, her colorless images appear to vibrate like a seismograph, relaying the event.