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Reading Out Loud

  • Ulises 31 East Columbia Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19125 United States (map)

How do we read? Why do we read? With whom? When and where?

What happens to our bodies when we read out loud? Who do we become and how does reading collectively transform the act of reading to oneself? Through a series of reading exercises Sepake Angiama will explore the relationship between reading out loud and the body. 

Sepake Angiama is an educator and curator whose interest revolves around critical, discursive education practices and the “social framework.” Most recently she was the Head of Education for Documenta 14 Kassel, Germany and Athens, Greece where she co-initiated with ifa 'Under the Mango Tree; sites of learning' bringing together at artist-led schools, libraries and initiatives with a focus on radical education practices, indigenous practices and the global South. Currently she is a bak (basis voor actual kunst) fellow where her research 'Her Imaginary' addresses intersectional feminism, brutalist architecture and science fiction. Sepake joins us amidst 'All Good Things Must Begin: A conversation between Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler' her research residency at SBC Gallerie in Montréal.

This program is part of Ulises's current curatorial season, "Education." "Education" considers the ways non-traditional approaches to learning and instruction by artists, researchers, and organizers can effect social transformation. This quarter, Ulises examines the enduring legacies of self-organized and experimental pedagogies. Ulises will probe the broad, urgent challenges to access, power, and value within and outside educational institutions today. While publications are instruments of both self-directed and institutional learning, Ulises celebrates their radical potential to upend knowledge and challenge understandings.

Education Reading List

Joseph Beuys and Volker Harlan, “What is Art?: Conversations with Joseph Beuys”

Audre Lorde, “Your Silence will not Protect You”

Soren Hansen and Jesper Jensen, “The Little Red School Book”
Zygmunt Bauman, “On Education”

Nancy Dupree, “Ghetto Reality” and “Letter to Young Sisters”

Paulo Freire, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” “Pedagogy of Hope,” “Education for a Critical Consciousness,” and “Pedagogy of the Heart”

Augusto Boal, “Rainbow of Desire”

Jacques Ranciere, “Ignorant School Master”

Ivan Illich, “Deschooling Society”

Silvia Franceschini & Valerio Borgonuovo, “Global Tools 1973-1975: When Education Coincides with Life”

Francisco Ferrer, “The Origin and Ideals of the Modern School”

Sony Devabhaktuni,‎ Patricia Guaita,‎ Cornelia Tapparelli, “Building Cultures Valparaiso: Pedagogy, practice and poetry at the Valparaiso School of Architecture and Design"

John Dewey, “Art as Experience”

Radical Education Forum, “Radical Education Workbook”

Bell Hooks, “Teaching to Transgress” and “Teaching Community: A pedagogy of hope”

Grant Kester, “Conversation Pieces: Community and Communication in Modern Art”

Heidi Zafia Mirza, “Race, Gender and Educational Desire: Why black women succeed and fail”

Linda Tuhiwai Smith, “Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous Peoples”

Sara N. Davis, Mary Crawford, and Jadwiga Sebrechts, (Editors), “Coming Into Her Own: Educational Success in Girls and Women”

Maurice Stein and‎ Larry Miller, “Blueprint for Counter Education”


Ulises is a bookshop and curatorial platform dedicated to artists’ books and independent art publications. Performing the model of a quarterly periodical, each curatorial season invites contributors to present publications, workshops, lectures, artworks, and collaborations in response to a given theme.