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Reciprocal Cure

  • Pilot Projects 1719 North 5th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

For Immediate Release: 

Reciprocal Cure: 
Lauren Fueyo, Annie Lukins, Jino Rahimi, and Netta Sadovsky

November 30, 2018 - December 8, 2018
Opening Reception 7-10pm, November 30, 2018

“It is no coincidence that the word ‘curator’ is etymologically related to ‘cure’. To curate is to cure. Curating cures the powerlessness of the image, its inability to show itself by itself. Exhibition practice thus is the cure that heals the originally ailing image, that is, gives it presence, visibility – brings it to the public view and turns it into the object of the public’s judgment. However, one can say that curating works like a supplement, like a pharmakon in the sense of Derrida* in that it both cures the image and further contributes to its illness.”

From Medium to Message: The Art Exhibition as Model of a New World Order by Boris Groys
*Force de loi by Jacques Derrida

Pilot+Projects is pleased to announce Reciprocal Cure, a self-curated show featuring new collaborative and solo works by Lauren Fueyo, Annie Lukins, Jino Rahimi, and Netta Sadovsky. The artists intend a relationship of reciprocal cure between themselves, the work, and the viewer. They acknowledge that the relationship which cures may also deepen the illness. The following is critical feedback by the artists, for and about the artists. Please note, Jino feels that all of the artists in this show must take care that their work is not merely therapeutic for themselves. She thinks that none of these artists work requires an audience right now. Netta, Lauren, and Annie disagree.

Lauren Fueyo is admired by Jino for courageously finding new forms and mediums in her work, and Netta thinks the bravery and playfulness of Lauren’s work rubs off on the viewer. Annie is awed by Lauren’s dynamic sorcery as a social being on stage. Lauren thinks Lauren should have more of a methodology. Annie and Netta get mad at Lauren for a lack of endurance in tolerating sustained uncertainty. Jino finds it annoying that Lauren doesn’t enjoy seeking critical feedback on her work.

Annie Lukins makes work that is densely material, according to Lauren, who thinks it feels like hacking your way through a jungle with a machete. Lauren, Jino, and Netta admire Annie’s lavish and precise use of language. Netta and Lauren revere Annie’s athletic commitment to her projects. Lauren notes that this intensity of focus can cut off options for Annie. Jino would say that Annie’s desire for authorship can cause her to be too defensive, and urges better listening. 

Jino Rahimi is a clear and incisive writer according to Annie, and slyly funny, but Annie gets frustrated by Jino’s proclivity towards performing the role of the scientist. Netta admires Jino’s work for dealing in large-scale social systems, but thinks Jino’s detached stance keeps her audience at a distance. Netta and Lauren want Jino to more fully acknowledge the potential of self-disclosure as generosity. Annie is excited by the subtle ridiculousness and self mockery in Jino’s recent work. 

Netta Sadovsky would make a great program manager according to Jino. Annie, too, enjoys Netta’s strategic competence. Lauren finds Netta highly perceptive about people's inner lives and relationships, but she is disappointed when Netta’s work seems overly concerned with appearing smart and cutting edge. Jino believes that Netta demures from sole authorship and authoritative positions in her solo practice, while often controlling the processes undertaken by her participants. Annie feels that perhaps Netta’s recent collaborative practice allows her to more honestly inhabit the co-authorship she desires.

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