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Dylan Languell - Between Pianos

  • Icebox 1400 North American Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 United States (map)

Between Pianos is an expression activated through free-form participation of ten players. Born out of Dylan Languell’s years of cacophonous free-form arrangements this performance will be the first appearance followed by viewings at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn NY and at the ICA museum in Richmond VA.
The piano in proximity to and near everyone’s lives. Both the performers and audience has had some contact with this instrument or its profile. These rudiments of understanding establish a spectrum from theory to popular culture or entertainment to communication. The goal of Dylan Languell’s arrangement is to conduct new sound unwoven and bridged by these nuances.

Featuring: Jessika Blanks, Andrew Clifford, Caleb Flood, Michael Raftery, Loach Sample, Lance Simmons, Nick Smith, Ryan Conrad Swayer, and Grey Wulf.