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Closing: Punctual Reality

  • High Tide 1850 North Hope Street Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

Closing Reception for "PUNCTUAL REALITY" featuring
James Bouché, Jared Rush Jackson, and Devin N. Morris.


As we look towards an uncertain future, we reframe and reclaim our personal and inherited past(s); this radical act functions as a beacon forward. 

As we look towards an uncertain future, the reframing and reclaiming of our personal and inherited past(s) is a radical act that functions as a beacon forward.

Reframing and reclaiming our personal and inherited past(s) are radical acts that functions as a beacon forward into an uncertain future. 

As we look towards an uncertain future, we reframe and reclaim our personal and inherited past(s) in a radical act that functions as a beacon forward. 

As we look towards an uncertain future, we radically reframe and reclaim our personal and inherited past(s), using them as a beacon forward. 

Like using a rear view mirror, as we move through time our ability to understand our history must be continually reframed. Last month, High Tide curated Imperfect Tools for Navigation at American Medium, featuring works by Bouché, Jackson and Morris. With this show now existing in the recent past, Punctual Reality gives the three artists an opportunity to expand on their ideas and bring the past into focus. Pieces from Imperfect Tools will exist alongside additional works, creating fresh opportunities for dialogue.


James Bouché (b. 1990) is an artist living and working in Baltimore, MD. His work explores the overlap between post-minimalist aesthetic and contemporary subcultures. Inspiration is drawn from fictional realities and the works are presented as props, turning the gallery into a minimal stage. The viewer becomes a passive participant, like a ghost moving through space. Bouché's recent work represents the connection between sexuality and religious upbringing. 

Jared Rush Jackson (b. 1996 South Orange, NJ) is a Philadelphia based artist interested in the intersection of language, Blackness, and technology. In both material and time-based works, Jackson’s work communicates through layers of both visual and text-based allusions and signifiers, leaning towards an ambiguous— yet sometimes sarcastically blunt and humorous— investigation of contemporary Black culture and visual culture. Recognizing social media as the biggest catalyst in the way society communicates, Jackson is invested in emphasizing the nuances in Black communication and language; in both digital and analog environments.

Devin N. Morris is a Baltimore born, Brooklyn based artist who is interested in abstracting American life and subverting traditional value systems through the exploration of racial and sexual identity in mixed media paintings, photographs, writings and video. His works prioritize displays of personal innocence and acts of kindness within surreal landscapes and elaborate draped environments that reimagine the social boundaries imposed on male interactions, platonic and otherwise. The use of gestural kindnesses between real and imagined characters are inspired by his various experiences growing as a black boy in Baltimore, MD and his later experiences navigating the world as a black queer man. Memory subconsciously roots itself in the use of familiar household materials & fabrics, while symbolically he arranges it. Looking to buoy his new realities in a permanent real space, Morris posits his reimagined societies as a prehistory to futures that are impossible to imagine.

Earlier Event: March 17
Closing: Mark Fields