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Thollems Technicolor Grey Zone w/ films of Colburn/Cherici/Villa

  • Icebox Project Space 1400 North American Street Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

$8-10 sliding scale

Thollem's Technicolor Gray Zone

with the films and video art of Martha Colburn, Tuia Cherici, Allison Leigh Holt, Germaul Barnes and ACVilla

Leaping from an electric diving board into reality and imagination, landing squarely in the midst of the time of our lives at the center of a world on the edge.

'Technicolor Grey Zone' is a multimedia collaboration between Thollem and the films and video art of Martha Colburn (U.S./Holland), Tuia Cherici (Italy/France), ACVilla (U.S.), Allison Leigh Holt (U.S.) and Germaul Barnes (U.S.). TGZ is a powerful, responsive and unforgettable show pairing Thollem's live electric score with Colburn's stop-motion history of all of America's wars in 10 minutes, Cherici's wonder-inducing hand-built social commentaries, ACVilla's meditations on the present moment, Holt's intimate and divergent realities of her glass sculptures and Barnes' identity migrations within a body moving space itself.

Thollem has worked with each of these artists on various projects throughout North America and Europe including Maxxi Museum (Rome), Teatro Centre Municipal Culture (Gap, France), Teatro do Campo Alegre (Porto, Portugal), University of Illinois, Central Park Summer Stage Festival, Philadelphia Museum of Art, New Museum, SF MOMA, Crowley Theater, San Diego Institute of Art, Crystal Bridges, Toledo Museum of Art, Trinosophes, Pioneer Works, Northwest Film Forum, SITE Santa Fe, Sundance, Rotterdam Film Festival and more.

"The kind of fiercely independent artists the world needs more of"


"Martha Colburn‘s 8mm animation invites you into a kaleidoscopic puppet show in which pop culture and historical trauma engage in aestheticized warfare. The Pennsylvania born artist is known for her creative use of Super 8 stop motion animations, crafting scenes somewhere between battle and ballet. Paper dolls emerge, multiply, grope, bleed and slip away as with the rhythm of a synchronized swimming routine. The moving collages contain a DIY roughness to them, yet also an unplaceable magic that mystifies their construction." (Huffington Post)

Tuia Cherici utilizes handcrafted techniques of stop-motion, projection, and objects' manipulation. The whole process of creation (scenario, set construction, animation, shooting and editing) is done in a small space using a miniDv camera, a projector and one laptop. Most of the contents results from her fascination with experienced dreams and puzzling mental image associations inspired by everyday materials. As a musician herself, she has a deep relationship with music and musicians which often constitute the leading thread of her inspiration. Besides producing videoclips, movies and documentaries, her practice extends to approach the audience and partners more directly through the cinematic apparatus she calls "Manucinema"

Allison Leigh Holt is a cross-disciplinary artist based in Oakland, CA. Working at the intersection of sculpture, video, installation, and performance, she pursues a dialogue between divergent ways of experiencing, comprehending, and describing reality.
Germaul Barnes: Utilizing the power of DANCE as a center core to bring fulfillment through the values of artistry, physical awareness, and cultural diversity.

ACVilla brings the viewer into her present moment. Possessing a sense of curiosity in, and patience for, the common, she encourages viewers to be in the now, to experience what may otherwise be lost in the momentum of daily life.

Thollem's live score is produced by him and a Prophet Rev2 16-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer, giving him an infinite palette of sounds under his lightning bolt fingers. His compositions focus on sound in the abstract and in relationship to a celebration of cultures throughout this country and world.

"An intense keyboardist”

- TimeOut, New York

"...a relentless zigzag of rhythms, densities, and moods that ranges

from kinetic, tightly wound flurries to calm, meditative queries."

- Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader

"Unreal linear explosions, extreme imagination"

- Greg Burk, LA Weekly

"Great whorls of voltage-charged sound"

- Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine