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Gregory Laut & Susan Shipley - Immersion

  • City Arts Salon at Sharktown 155 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, #3D Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

Gregory Laut

The artwork that I make starts from a central point inside and expands in diverging directions ranging from drawing to collage, printmaking and mixed media. Growing up in Philadelphia I have always felt the effects of our post-industrial society. In these abandoned spaces I have found the unnatural and the natural begin to blend as all things become reclaimed by nature. The weeds in the cracks, the broken warehouse windows, the rust formations and graffiti all contribute to the spaces’ natural decay. Often these spaces are met with the bulldozer in a glorious display of construction waste, revealing the very guts of our past. The jobs those spaces housed are now replaced by our new material culture, with its complexity and its production of waste. In contrast to the goings on of our society I am also drawn to all natural and organic forms. The combination of our artificial reality imposed over the natural environment is, to me, very striking. My process, mimicking nature, is cyclical - reusing, layering, and creating as little waste as possible. Often I sift through the excesses of our society, destroying, carving and manipulating materials to draw attention to the overwhelming nature of our culture. 

Susan Shipley

I am an artist first, a psychologist second. I began painting as a child, and have continued this communion between brush and canvas, and with various other media throughout my life and career. I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, Notre Dame, Ursuline - Art Therapy, Kent State University, and now the Fleisher Art Memorial. I have curated shows at the Cleveland State University, the Lake County Arts Festival and the Manayunk-Roxborough Art Center. As a practicing psychologist, I have used art therapy with students, with clients, with in-patients, and with the criminally insane. For me, art and therapy are intertwined, and I feel that not only does art heal, it also reveals.

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