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Alim Smith - Urban Myth

  • Afrocereal Gallery 426 East Allegheny Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19134 United States (map)

“Urban Myth” by YesterdayNite A Solo Exhibition An exploration of the unknown. This exhibition of work seeks to capture the supernatural spiritual force that black people possess through celebration of our underlying cultural belief system. Inspired by the absence of traditional mythology in the Black community and in recognition of our resilience in the face of never ending struggle which makes us the most mythical beings on the face of this earth. We’ve instead been instructed and guided to believe in practices and myths that not only do not serve us but have been used against us. Urban Myth, tells the story of growing up on any MLK Boulevard in America through a surreal lens. Mythos - the underlying system of beliefs, especially those dealing with supernatural forces, characteristic of a particular cultural group.