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Grayson Cox - lybl: Spectator in the Commons

  • Pressure Club 711 West Thompson Street Philadelphia, PA, 19122 United States (map)

The concept “live your best life” or “LYBL” can spur us to live out our best
behavior or cause us to squander it into the winds. The cognitive dissonance we
experience with what we want for the world and what we want for ourselves is at
the heart of LYBL. We want the earth to be clean and healthy, but we also want
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In “LYBL Spectator in the Commons” Cox has created a half-gone and
wasted status accessory and potentially undrinkable iced coffee as the
protagonist in a story still being written. Its parts are all contentious given that the
container and straw are plastic and major ocean pollutants and the coffee is a
globally fraught commodity requiring a lot of energy. These soon-to-be extinct
elements compose a significant part of the American ideal: a sated consumer
with an iced coffee in one hand and a screen in the other.
LYBL aims to challenge Garrett Hardin’s notions of “the tragedy of the
commons.” Garrett claims: "Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all." This as a
concept seems to present the need for reinforcing hierarchies within groups. Why
does it have to be that way? How can we think about thresholds of accountability
and entitlements when it comes to what is good for us all? How does private
ownership affect social gift economies and personal cultural capital within

LYBL features an immersive installation in which cushion paintings are
displayed on the walls of the gallery and fastened into sculptural furniture
skeletons. Each image depicts our beloved iced coffee protagonist as a spectator
taking in awe-inspiring or difficult artworks. The cushions will be for sale and
when purchased, can easily be removed with a screwdriver.
Pressure Club is an artist print shop and small gallery located in
Philadelphia. We focus on the production and exhibition of solo and collaborative
print projects. Our print shop is equipped with facilities for etching, relief, and
silkscreen print production as well as a risograph machine. We work with
participating artists to produce a print or in our shop, then exhibit it in our gallery,
supplemented by other works of their choosing.

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