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Career Retrospective: John Carlano

  • UArts Photo Dept. 211 S Broad Street, 19107 (map)

JOIN US in celebrating John Carlano and his retrospective exhibition:

“Proximities” is a series of selections of photographic imagery by Philadelphia based photographer John Carlano. Spanning from 1978 to 2018 this exhibition is made up of excerpts from various projects that John has worked on over those four decades.
While there are threads of themes that can be observed throughout the works, the approaches and subjects evolve as the makers concerns shift as a result of personal, regional, and worldly events.
John maintains a particular interest in reinventing the forms and processes of each project. While there are certainly overlaps and re workings, reiterations, over the decades these strategies have been applied to photographs of people, places, and a long and often revisited interest in the notion of “still life”, arrangements and treatments of objects and light, and how those elements effect how the photographs come to “mean”.
“Proximities” refers to many aspects of relationships of object to object, space between things, the time between events, durations of projects, life spans of all things, the evolutions of ideas and how and when they become manifest. There is from Johns’ earliest memories a persistent sense of impermanence that remains unsettling.
Given an exhibition that covers 40 years, all of the above notions are at play, in a sense, at once, if you consider the possible duration of any moment, of any life, be it as art or otherwise.”