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Space Between Opening Reception

  • Spillway Collective 1400 North American Street, 19122 (map)

Space Between
February 14th - March 9th

Opening Reception, February 14th, 6PM - 9PM

Spillway Collective presents “Space Between,” an exhibition of works by Spillway members celebrating the second anniversary of the space.

Featuring the work of Justine Ditto, Sean Hildreth, Elana Mallov, Kate McCammon, Shannon Moriarty, Chelsea Nader, Krista Profitt, Megan Webb and Babs Weiss.

Curated by the members of the collective.

We deny the object, the commodity and the real.

We revel in the surroundings, the unsure, the wobbliness of time.

We experience this space every day - when you’re waiting for a message, when your eyes lose focus, when you didn’t fall asleep, but you did.

This time is unnameable.

This space is the light shining through windows, making shapes on the wall.
This time is unnamable.
It is the double-take, the feeling in the pit of your stomach.

It is the nostalgia when you revisit a place - the memory playing out before you, but nothing is really there.

It is the dot dot dot on the screen, before drama unfolds.

It is the ghost in the room.