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Views from the past onto the present: Violence in art

  • Twelve Gates Arts 106 North 2nd Street, 19106 (map)

Please join us at 12Gates for a talk titled "Views from the past onto the present: Violence in art" with Dr. Ann Kuttner, Sahana Ramakrishnan, Sa'dia Rehman, Marcelino Stuhmer, and Atif Sheikh.

Take it like a …

Contemporary trends in the aesthetics of violence
Somnath Bhatt | Issam Kourbaj | Firoz Mahmud | Qinza Najm | Sahana Ramakrishnan | sa’dia rehman | Mohsin Shafi | Marcelino Stuhmer | Saira Wasim

The show, curated by Twelve Gates’ Atif Sheikh, brings together a group of artists whose work responds to and explores the many aspects of violence in contemporary society. By referencing the aesthetics of the past, each in their own way, the tradition of depicting violence in art becomes evident; as applied to contemporary issues, the aesthetics call into question the tradition itself. As we as a global society become increasingly aware of the destructive, divisive outcomes and less convinced by the narrative in favor of the necessity of engaging in conflict, the tradition of depicting violence in art reflects this almost traumatized, fragmented reckoning. The pieces seem to seek to slow down the process of conflict enough to understand it and perhaps choose a different conclusion.