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Charles Clary - Double Diddle Phlebotomy

  • Paradigm Gallery 746 South 4th Street, 19147 (map)

Paradigm Gallery is pleased to present two concurrent exhibitions: Women in Monochrome by Jasjyot Singh Hans and Double Diddle Phlebotomy by Charles Clary.  The exhibition will open on March 22 and remain on view through May 11, 2019. There will be an opening reception at the gallery on Friday, March 22, from 5:30 to 10pm.

Originally created in Paradigm’s artist studio for a site-specific installation at the debut of Superfine!’s LA fair, Jasjyot Singh Hans’s Women in Monochrome has come back to Philadelphia. The Baltimore-based Indian artist has created a series of large-scale monochromatic paintings on canvas challenge the normative ideas of female beauty. Jasjyot's women are in complete control over their mind and body and by moving about with confidence, often derobed, they aren’t afraid of the emotional expression of their inherent femininity. Each of his women tell a story, redefining preset ideals of beauty and body image. They are intense, full-bodied, and dark; reflecting both what the artist sees around him and what is inspired by his own dealings with the body. He illustrates what he associates with, not because it is interesting, but because it is him. 

Double Diddle Phlebotomy, Charles Clary’s latest body of work, is a deeply personal series. Dealing with his mother’s battle with terminal lung cancer, Clary’s hand-cut, pen and ink illustrations revolve thematically around the helplessness he felt during her fight, which he desperately wanted to cure. His work is meticulously cut by hand from paper, then layered and laminated beneath illustration board to create a structural “tumor.” Clary then begins the drawing process, applying wires, tubes, and mechanical contraptions, each with its own life and purpose, referencing the countless IV’s and machines endured by his mother. To cope, Clary imagined a fantasy world where a Dr. Seussian-like character would come and make nanobot inventions that would microscopically attack and destroy the tumors, curing her. Clary’s whimsical title references this sort of playfulness in this imaginary medical realm, circumventing nature to overcome death. The work also becomes a reliquary for trauma and the scars that it leaves that eventually make us stronger as individuals. 

About Charles Clary

Charles Clary was born in 1980 in Morristown, Tennessee. He received his BFA in painting with honors from Middle Tennessee State University and his MFA in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has shown in exhibitions at Galerie EVOLUTION-Pierre Cardin in Paris, France, Pierogi Gallery and Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York, Spoke art in San Francisco, and museum shows at Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, Gadsten Museum of Art, and Cornell Museum of Art. He has also completed a three week residency in Lacoste France, completed a painting assistantship with Joe Amrhein of Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn NYC, and had work acquired by fashion designer Pierre Cardin and gallery owner James Cohan. 

Clary has been featured in numerous print and Internet interviews including, This is Colossal, WIRED magazine (US and UK), Hi Fructose,, Bluecanavs Magazine, and This Is Colossal as well as a recent feature in American Craft Magazine. He was also featured in the Art On Paper Art Fair with Kenise Barnes Fine Art. He has also been featured in publications including 500 Paper Objects, Paper Works, Paper Art, Papercraft 2, PUSH: Paper, and The New Twenties. Charles has exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally in numerous solo and group shows.  Clary currently lives and works in Conway SC.