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Data Memories - Siebren Versteeg and Dan S. Wang

  • Pilot Projects 1719 North 5th Street, 19122 (map)

Data Memories - Siebren Versteeg and Dan S. Wang

April 20 - May 18, 2019
Opening Reception April 20 - 7-10pm

Pilot+Projects is pleased to announce Data Memories featuring LA artist Dan S. Wang and New York artist Siebren Versteeg. While working with different media and political material, these artists have both accomplished methods of engaging and making sense of vast and confusing mountains of information. Both artists engage and question authority, media, and the role of social platforms in the personal and public consumption of ideological material, asking how can we reclaim our subjectivity in these complex networks.

Dan S. Wang works as a writer, educator and activist, known for his politically charged print and letterpress works, and for his essays and lectures on the intersections of art, labor, race, and globalization. For this exhibition Wang presents works rooted in a memory of crisis, showing a series of ballpoint pen drawings tracking the 19 changes in the Fed’s prime lending rate in the 1973 crisis, drawing connection to the failed banks responsible for the global financial crisis and recession of 2008. Scrawled with a frustrated hand, these images demonstrate a grasping inquiry or meditation on everyday access to the nebulous entities of global finance and the ongoing economic precarity they generate.

Primarily known as a maker of digital wizardry, Siebren Versteeg processes data using custom code to produce images culled from networks, appropriating and collaging images into fleeting tapestries of pixels with a painterly energy. For this exhibition Versteeg presents two works that interrupt the passive flow of online images by relocating them into artificial constructs that demonstrate possibilities of new spatial encounters. Through appropriation Versteeg produces a new kind of scrolling encounter, one that resituates user/operator as onlooker.

Siebren Versteeg was born over 17000 days ago in New Haven Connecticut. Based in NYC, he has exhibited nationally and internationally at museums and galleries such as the Whitney Museum, The Hirshhorn Museum, Frans Hals Museum (Netherlands) , Hermitage Museum (St. Petersberg), Jack Shainman Gallery, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, and Bitforms gallery.

Dan S. Wang is an artist and writer born in Michigan in 1968 and based in Los Angeles. His prints, drawings, and sculptures have been shown in more than fifty exhibitions, in spaces ranging from museum galleries to toilet stalls, and the toilet stall of a museum. His texts have been included in book collections, exhibition catalogs, and embedded in artists’ publications. His most recently completed project is an experimental curriculum commissioned by Asian Arts Initiative of Philadelphia.