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Joshua Ben Longo - A Performance of Audio-Kinetic Sculpture

  • Trinity Center for Urban Life 2212 Spruce Street, 19103 (map)

What: Lullaby: A Performance of Audio-Kinetic Sculpture - By Joshua Ben Longo

Where: Trinity Center for Urban Life - 2212 Spruce Street / Philadelphia, PA 19103

When: Friday May 17th 7pm - 9pm (One Night Only)

Philadelphia, PA - Friday May 17th (one night only). Please join artist/designer Joshua Ben Longo at the Trinity Center For Urban Life for a live performance of new audio kinetic sculpture. Twenty-one sound-producing, rocking sculptures will be displayed in the 125-year-old Great Hall. The objects will be activated by performers to create an immersive auditory and visual experience. Drawing on animism, ritual and myth, the performance challenges you to be present in the moment and open to experience an undulating tide of sound and movement.

About the Artist - Joshua Ben Longo (1981) is an artist/designer based in Philadelphia, and an Assistant Teaching Professor of Product Design at Drexel University. He runs a multi-disciplinary design studio that strives to create experiences steeped in curiosity, wonder, and magic through handmade objects, drawings, and spaces. Lullaby is the result of a two-year exploration into animism, ritual, and myth as points of reference for creating meaningful secular experiences. 

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