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  • High Tide 1850 North Hope Street _ Apt 14a, 19122 (map)

 FORTUNE is a Philadelphia-based publication project, assembled by and for queer Asian publics in the Year of the Pig 2019. Each of 12 monthly issues features multiple contributors, and is released by way of gathering. Please join us for the release of FORTUNE issue 4: TECHNOLOGIES at High Tide.

Here’s what’s on the table: a series of presentations, a lazy susan, a karaoke machine, a spread of FORTUNE’s past issues and collected ephemera, a QR-code resource guide, a rotation of snacks. This event will be livestreamed, and the show will be up at High Tide thru June 29. Stay tuned for additional FORTUNE x High Tide programming through the course of the show!


FORTUNE is an effort in spacemaking, both in print and in gathering. It feels important to us, as we produce an object that archives itself and documents work by a community collected sparingly in print — that we document its production, too. Let’s meet each other here, for critical play and work, among TECHNOLOGIES that move us. As we close out AAPI Heritage Month, we laugh and cry at ‘Asia’ as a site of technological dystopias, waste incineration, and exoticized antiquity in the western imaginary. As we continue in the Year of the Pig, we want to lean into our shared references, imagine our queer asian futures, and live them together.

FORTUNE aligns itself against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism; and want to hold ourselves accountable to our community and other intersectional communities of color — we ask that you respect the same, at this event.

[High Tide is accessible by several steps and one flight of stairs. There is a freight elevator which will be available for use if it is in working order. Please call on the day of the event for an update. The event itself will be livestreamed, and welcomes participation digitally and abroad.]


Erica ‘Quinha’ Mukai Faria is a Brazilian-American artist and ER nurse living in South Philadelphia. Quinha is the creative director of Philadelphia Packaging Company and an editor of the Philadelphia Packaging Company Catalogue. She is currently working on her fashion line. IG: @quinha.etc 

Eva Wŏ is a queer mixed Chinese-American/white artist and curator. She uses collaborative portrait photography, collage, and moving images to portray those she admires; as well as producing queer film and art-centered events. Her work creates visibility for marginalized identities, expands possibilities for self-determination, and visualizes queer liberation. Currently she is co-organizing the annual Hot Bits Queer XXX Film Festival, Philly’s only sex-positive film and arts festival. She is also a recipient of the Leeway Transformation Award. 

Noemi Charlotte Thieves makes movies, plays, written works, photographs, drawings and sculptures. She was recently awarded the Leeway Foundation’s Art and Change grant for her work on Memory, Vein which combines director’s commentary with personal memories associated with films that have made a lasting impression on her. Hoping to center the role of the spectator as central to the modern experience of communing with media, Noemi hopes to begin a church committed to the study and worship of cinema, theater and art to Philadelphia. 

Pear Wear is a New York based wears & wares collective. Comprised of Mika Agari, Joan Oh and Carl1, Pair Wear was founded in 2018 and aims to cultivate unique products and experiences with an emphasis on handmade and bootleg languages. Tonight’s menu consists of a variety of hand peeled produce that we know and love. Protect your fruit. 


HIGH TIDE is an artist-run gallery and project space located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Through formal exhibitions, performances, workshops and experimental programming, High Tide seeks to maintain a critical dialogue between artists and our local and global communities.