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Everyday Ordinary: Art of the People

  • The Clay Studio 137-139 North 2nd Street, 19106 (map)

From July 5th through July 28th, visit The Clay Studio to experience "Everyday Ordinary," the exhibition that we presented at NCECA 2019. Learn more at

Mingei, or art of the people, was a movement begun in 1926 by Sōetsu Yanagi and others. Just shy of a century later, the ideals of Mingei are still relevant to generations of potters in the U.S. and abroad. Everyday Ordinary: Art of the People is an exhibition of contemporary ceramics and a catalogue of essays reflecting the principles and philosophies of twentieth century Mingei traditions for a new generation. The display showcases ceramic pieces that represent the breadth of our history and exciting paths within the expansive and diverse ceramic field.

To celebrate The Clay Studio’s 45th anniversary we invited 45 artists to reflect on three seminal texts on ceramics: The Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight into Beauty by Sōetsu Yanagi highlights a roadmap towards beauty, A Potter’s Book by Bernard Leach describes the road towards a criterion, and A Potter’s Workbook by Clary Illian provides exercises towards seeing a form holistically.

Each artist was invited to submit an essay meditating on concepts in the three books and therefore contribute to the written history of craft and inspire other artists to meditate on these important works.

The Artists:

Stanley Mace Andersen
Kurt Anderson
Sasha Barrett
Karl Borgeson
Jessica Brandl
Neil Celani
Jim Chaney
Rebecca Chappell
Julie Crosby
Paul Eshelman
Stuart Gair
Tyler Gulden
Katherine Hackl
Hiroe Hanazono
Joshua Hebbert
Michael Hunt + Naomi Dalglish
Shannon Jones
Ben Jordan
Matt Kelleher
Ahrong Kim
Jeff Kleckner
Mary Law
Adam Ledford
Roberta Massuch
Jordan Mcdonald
Melissa Mytty
Joseph Pintz
Jacob Raeder + Layla Mrozowski
Pete Scherzer
Isaac Scott
Sam Scott
Sean Scott
Yoko Sekino-Bové
Mark Shapiro
Jane Shellenbarger
Hitomi Shibata
Takuro Shibata
Amy Shindo
Alexander Stadler
Charlie Tefft
Shoko Teruyama
Theo Uliano
Holly Walker
Melissa Weiss
Nate Willever