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Amplified Heat/Crater Tracer

  • Pilot Projects 1719 North 5th Street, 19122 (map)

Pilot+Projects is pleased to announce an evening featuring two performances: Amplified Heat by Academy Records, and Crater Tracer by Jesse Kudler and Christina Giswaldi.

Amplified Heat - Academy Records

Academy Records presents a 16mm film, projected, with original score and script performed live. Loosely structured as a series of excursions into real and remembered landscapes, the 45-minute artwork is composed of original footage interlaced with found footage. Synced with the film, the performance consists of a stereo electric guitar composition, sound effects and live script reading, functioning like a lyric essay, poetically meditating on themes of nostalgia; loss of memory; and decay.

Crater Tracer - Jesse Kudler and Christina Gesualdi

The Philly-based performers Jesse Kudler and Christina Gesualdi explore the inter-dependence and inter-relations of sound and movement, with the boundaries between dancer and accompanist deliberately troubled. Tools and approaches vary with process, incorporating voice, electronics, recordings, microphones, percussion, acoustic guitar, computer, stillness, durational modes of moving, falling off center, yielding to gravity, and moving with a plural sense of front.