PS Multiples FAQ


What is it?

PS Multiples is a twice-yearly CSA, or Community Supported Art project. By signing up PS Multiples for $50, you buy in to an artwork that a Philadelphia artist will produce as an edition.  CSAs already exist in Philadelphia, but the buy-in is usually for over the course of a year with higher up-front cost.  PS Multiples operates one artist and one editioned work at a time.

What do you mean, "editioned work"?

When artists produce multiples of the same artworks - like a Rodin bronze or an engraving by Violet Oakley - they are editioned, meaning that each is numbered with its own iteration out of the whole.  If an artist produces 10 identical prints, the first one would be editioned 1/10, the second would be 2/10, and so on.

The overall size of this PS Multiples edition is dependent on how many shares are purchased.

What exactly will I receive?

 A work of art that is ready for display.

Really, that's all we requested of the artists we partner with for PS Multiples, so that they have the freedom to explore their current methods of producing work and not feel hindered by having to produce a particular artwork at the outset.

How much does it cost again, and where does the money go?

A share in PS Multiples costs $50.  $45 of those dollars go directly to the artist and $5 of each share goes to Philly Stewards to help support the cost of the artwork pickup party - drinks and food.

For every edition, there are 50 shares available.  Hypothetically, if 30 of those 50 shares are purchased, the artist receives $1,350 and Philly Stewards would receive $150. No one is getting rich, but PS Multiples offers artists the opportunity to receive an injection of cash flow for a low-overhead production art project, while helping them introduce their amazing work to eager new audiences.

And exactly why are you doing this?

 We are passionate about two things: 1) Art in Philadelphia & 2) Living with local contemporary art.

We wanted to make it more accessible to own great contemporary art by Philadelphia artists, and we know that the 'scene' can be daunting.  Philadelphia artists are incredible - some truly world-class talents - and we are passionate that their art be better known and available to more people.  We also know that the art community is large, complex and unwieldy.  It can be hard to find a point of access to discover incredible artists.  If we've learned anything over our past two years of operation it is that there are hundreds of Philadelphians who share our passion and are clamoring to live with local contemporary art, but want some help in discovering new artists and artworks.

When do I have to decide to purchase a share by?

Shares for our winter edition will open on November 15th, 2019


Photos from PS Multiples, Summer ‘19 Edition: Lauren Pakrooni