June, 2019 _

Philly Stewards is excited to announce that we are partnering with artist, musician and educator, Lauren Pakradooni, for the first edition of PS Multiples, our community-supported artwork program.


^ ^ Some examples of Lauren’s past work ^ ^


What\\ Lauren will be creating an editioned print-based object that is ready to hang on a wall, measuring approximately 12" x 16”.

Why\\ Participating in a CSA offers not only a great opportunity to learn more about local artists and the arts community, but also directly supports an individual artist in exchange for an amazing piece of contemporary art.

How\\ Shares are available through midnight, June 30th, and can be purchased below. There are a maximum of 50 shares available, and a minimum of 10 must be reached for Lauren to be able to execute the work. If at least 10 shares are not purchased before the end of June, all shares will be refunded. Out of each purchase of a share, $45 goes directly to the artist and $5 goes to Philly Stewards for future artist-focused programming.

When\\ Our pick-up event will take place in the middle of August. Alternative pick-up options will be available.

More Questions? Check out our PS Multiples FAQ!

Was you question not answered in the FAQ? Then email your question to info@PhillyStewards.art.

The ability to purchase shares is now closed.

Please check back during the summer for updates on the PS Multiples edition.

Subscriptions for the next PS Multiples edition

will open in January of 2020.

About Lauren Pakradooni _

Lauren is an artist, musician and educator living in Philadelphia, whose work emphasizes the slippage of form between the physical vestiges of ruins and the fantasticality of half-rendered computer generated imagery.

She received a B.A. from Hampshire College and an M.F.A. in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. Pakradooni incorporates methods of printmaking into sculpture, installation, and traditionally editioned prints.

She has had several solo exhibitions, most recently at the Print Center in Philadelphia. She was awarded fellowships and residencies by University of Texas at Austin, Women’s Studio Workshop, Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, AS220, and the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Lauren produces and performs music under the moniker ‘Tether’ in which she creates and manipulates cassette tape loops. Art multiples, repetition, and layering are a shared language between her visual and aural work.

Lauren’s Website